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real women. real talk. real issues.

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Welcome to a home for feminine healing, growth, and empowerment. SOUL SAYERS is a multi-dimensional movement seeking to connect women everywhere through shared stories, creative expression, and community.


our mission

We are building a global community of women who are ready to have frank conversations about their lives. We are women who courageously allow others to see that we all share the same struggles.

SOUL SAYERS is a platform for women to share and connect without fear of judgement and ridicule, but instead receive empowering insight and support.


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The ultimate podcast focusing on feminine growth and healing. SOUL SAYERS are ready to let others peer into what they really think and feel. SOUL SAYERS are women who are not afraid to speak their truth. In an effort to reveal the many layers of the female experience; each week, host - Deanna Causey, addresses self-discovery, love, grief, motherhood, marriage and so much more.

The SOUL SAYERS podcast has been created as a launchpad for honest discussion and reflection; hopefully encouraging other women to do the same, see their value and make room for growth. Tune in each week wherever you get your podcasts!

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reveal your truth, heal your soul, and empower your spirit

SAY THAT is a refrain we are calling on women to shout! It’s a declaration of support and empowerment to every woman who has the courage to share their life stories.


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