say that!

SAY THAT is a refrain we are calling on women to shout! It’s a declaration of support and empowerment to every woman who has the courage to share their life stories.

Powered by women, SAY THAT, confronts the societal forces that seek to silence, ridicule, and dismiss the credibility of female voices. In an era, where women are reclaiming their power and consequently meeting intense public pushback from the highest levels; SAY THAT is a message created by women for women to combat that negativity.

SAY THAT uses creative expression to work through stigma, anger, depression, and anxiety. By taking back the decades old cliche of a scorned woman scrawling an angry message in lipstick across her bathroom mirror, we are reclaiming that image to spread solidarity.

Ladies, grab your lipstick, share your story, and take a pic!


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where to start?

Not sure what to write? Answer one of these four questions:

What are you saying?

What is your soul saying?

What is your body saying?

What is your mind saying?




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