Summer Is For...

Road trip along the California Coast

Road trip along the California Coast

Summer always feels like new beginnings to me. You’re unwrapping from the cold - exposing yourself to the light. Coming out from hibernation so to speak and like a chrysalis, spreading your wings to dry in the warmth of the sun. Summer is a time for re-connection. With creation and yourself. 

We shed the heavy things. Gone are the heavy woolen garments and coats, exchanged for linen and cotton, arms and legs bare. Sandals are traded for boots and our faces are kissed by the sun. 

Longer, hotter days give you room to spend time outside which has always been healing for me because it is a time of shedding personal heaviness too. 

Winter is for hibernating, tucking yourself away - thinking and looking inward. Even holiday festivities that surround us with family and friends still bring introspection - the meaning of the season, the approaching New Year and leaving the old one behind with all of it’s unfinished business, unrealized goals and projects that still need completion. New goals and sights are set. We make promises to ourselves to be better. 

But Summer? Summer is for peeling away, casting things off, getting rid of heaviness and embracing lightness and light. Summer is exposure, of our bodies but also our inner self. Summer brings activity, rejuvenation. Days stretch, light hangs around. More time to get things done or to just be. More time to spend outside or with people you care about…or yourself.  Summer is vacations and get aways, road trips and discoveries.

Summer is about freedom. Exploring, reuniting with nature and all of her glory.

There are so many ways to re-establish your connection with nature and yourself as you sit amidst all the wonderful things God has created to teach us about the world and ourselves.

How can you sit by an ocean and not be moved? The ebb and flow, the sound of the waves coming in, crashing against the shore. Thinking about the perfect balance of the earth and gravity and physics that makes this possible and that it has been this way for eons. Never failing and constant. Remarkable.

I heard once that if the Earth moved just a fraction off of its axis, the oceans would become tsunamis, weather patterns would go crazy and there would be great loss of life. So thinking on how everything remains in exact balance and that it has been this way since the universe was created is a huge object lesson in the faithfulness and perfection of our Creator. What is set in place will remain…period.

Same with you and I. Everything we need to be everything we were created to be is inside of us. You lack nothing, no matter how it looks. You are fully equipped. Some things may need to be discovered but that is the journey of life. Finding all of your hidden treasures are what makes life joyful and moves you from just existing.

So my Soul Sayers Sisters, go outside! Bask in the sun, take walks, hikes, swim, visit new places. And while you’re doing that, shed heavy thoughts, doubts, feelings that weigh you down. Find your playful self. Embrace being carefree without guilt or worry. Use the extra light, literally but also spiritually to bring yourself back in balance. 

Don’t listen to society’s warped philosophy which only focuses on losing weight to fit into a swimsuit or wearing the latest hot weather trend. Summer really doesn’t have much to do with our outward appearance. It’s all about our insides. The way to minister to your inside is to go outside!

Have fun and send me pics and stories from your journeys!

Peace & blessings,